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You probably have a vague sense that exercise is good for you—and you've probably heard that it's "healthy for the heart." But if you're like most people, that's not enough motivation to get you to break a sweat with any regularity.

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Chief Petty Officer Kevin Hunt endured the challenges of a deployment — including 8 months aboard an aircraft carrier and long hours working ahead amid periods of connectivity issues — on the road to earning his Master of Health Administration from Penn State World Campus.

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Welcome to a new look for Medical News Today in 2017, part of ongoing enhancements and refinements to the way we present our daily health news to you.As I report in the TIME cover story, "The Exercise Cure," only 20% of Americans get the recommended 150 minutes of strength and cardiovascular physical activity per week, more than half of all baby boomers report doing no exercise whatsoever, and 80.2 million Americans over age 6 are entirely inactive.


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Health benefits of sports essay:

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