Prolog assignment

CSE 341, Winter 2014, Assnment 6 Prolog Project Due Wed Feb.

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Ben Hardekopf CS 162 Assnment 5

Part IV lecture notes Applications: Artificial Intellence - natural language processing, games, meta-interpreters, theorem proving.

<i>Prolog</i> Homework Assnment - People

Prolog. Constants, Variables, Terms, Atoms, Clauses -

Example (search tree) Example (CUT) Part III lecture notes Abstract data structures: trees, stacks, queues, graphs.Background (See 'materials' for background and software used for the tutorial) Role in Kinship section assnment (50% of Term 1 assessment).

Data Structures and Destructive Assnment in

This program (play2) must also be interactive, and the user should be allowed to set the depth parameter that measures the strength of the computer play. • A short overview of your solution that describes the desn of the programs and the extend to what you have solved each section.

Prolog assignment:

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