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They are subjected to cruel and inhumane treatments every day.

Protecting children's rhts Convention on the Rhts of the Child.

According to the child rhts it is very necessary to safeguard, care and legal protection of children during their physical and mental immaturity means childhood.

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Interpretations of children's rhts range from allowing children the capacity for autonomous action to the enforcement of children being physiy, mentally and emotionally free from , though what constitutes "" is a matter of debate. A rht is as an agreement or contract established between the persons who hold a rht (often referred to as the "rhts-holders") and the persons or institutions which then have oblations and responsibilities in relation to the realization of that rht (often referred to as the "duty-bearers".) Child rhts are specialized human rhts that apply to all human beings below the age of 18.

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Universally child rhts are defined by the United Nations and United Nations Convention on the Rhts of the Child (UNCRC).

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