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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA LIBRARIES COLLEGE LIBRARY Ditized by the Internet Archive in 2013 OOdupe Authorized xerographic reprint. 1969 The Question of HENRY JAMES , «i The Question of T_T T7 tvt T) V T A 1\/T V Q A COLLECTION OF CRITICAL ESSAYS EDITED BY F. DUPEE \ NEW YORK: HENRY HOLT AND COMPANY * of which I do not hesitate to say that I have mastered the secret, though, for the present I am not going to divulge it.

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- The controversial short story Daisy Miller: A Study, written by Henry James, depicts a story of a young European man named Winterbourne trying to come to terms with what he thinks about an American girl, named Daisy Miller.

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Henry James Literary Criticism French Writers; Other European.

Geary, Brham Young University Several models have been suggested for The Europeans, including Hawthorne's romances, Jane Austen's novels, the "well made" plays of Feuillet, Cherbuliez, and Augier, and the "poetic idylls" of Turgenev, Sainte-Beuve, and Fromentin.His older brother William was born in 1842, and younger siblings Garth Wilkinson, Robertson, and Alice were born in 1845, 1846, and 1848, respectively.

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The Europeans: A sketch is a short novel by Henry James, published in 1878.

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