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"Always two there are; a Master and an Apprentice" -- Yoda It's a lot like what Luke went through on Dagobah ... This is what should resonate in your mind when you think of the relationship between you and your advisor.

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Except he didn't have to turn in a properly formatted thesis document. Your success is as important to you as it is to him/her if he/she is a good advisor.

Red Letter Media <b>Star</b> <b>Wars</b> Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace.

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By virtue of that, this cinematographic saga can be considered a “work of art”. But if you want to watch that orinal version, the first of George Lucas’s soon to be seven-part saga, you’ll find it difficult.

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The Force is omnipresent, binding the universe and everything and everyone in it together.

Star wars masters thesis:

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